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Guarding Against the Google Docs Phishing Threat

Sigma Information Group would like to make your organization aware of one of the latest phishing threats currently racing across the internet. This large-scale scam works by emailing fake Google Docs links to users as a way to fool the recipient into giving up their personal data. Below is an article that provides details of this scam, but the best advice it includes is the following:

Resisting the urge to click remains the best first line of defense out there. Then you can spot inconsistencies or suspicious content in an email that may help tip you off—in this case, a “To:” field populated by “hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” should raise suspicions—and listening to those instincts is important. But in the case where a phishing email (or a spear phishing email tailored to you) is perfect enough to convince you, it takes a general habit of thinking before you click to give you a chance.

Remember, if you receive an email that contains a link to a Google Docs document, before clicking on the link, be sure to confirm it is legitimate by contacting the sender.

If you would like to learn more about Google Docs phishing attacks or would like to learn more about how Sigma Information Group can support your organization’s IT support needs, please contact us today at 512-664-7900.