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Important Announcement – New Ticketing System, Effective 2/1/22

I’m pleased to announce that Sigma has made a significant investment in a new ticketing system that should decrease response times, improve communication, prevent unnecessary delays, and ultimately, help to resolve your organization’s IT problems, questions and concerns more quickly.

The most important change is in the creation of a new universal support email:

Email sent to this address automatically creates a ticket in our system, notifying the right team and starts our response timer to ensure we address your issue in a timely manner.  This email address will replace the current support email address. However, this doesn’t mean we plan to eliminate your legacy email address entirely.  We only ask that you use that email address for general questions or concerns.

If you want Sigma to take action to solve a problem or to implement a solution, submit a ticket to or via our portal. Otherwise, you are welcome to use your legacy support email address.  We will be rolling out a new ticket portal experience if your organization prefers this method of creating tickets.

The anticipated go-live date for the new system and ticketing protocol is February 1, 2022.

As always, please reach out to me or your primary consultant with any questions or concerns.  You can expect additional reminders as we approach the go-live date. Our thanks in advance for supporting this new system and for your patience as we work to improve one of the most important aspects of our relationship with you.