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Backup & Disaster Recovery in Austin

Losing data can run the gamut from a simple inconvenience, to a disastrous shut-down of your business.

At Sigma Information Group, we have a clear understanding of how critical a company’s data is to the proper functioning of their business, and work closely with clients to securely back up existing data, or when unsecured data is compromised, step in with quick and efficient recovery efforts.

When recovery and repair are necessary, Sigma’s advanced techniques allow us to restore your data, whether you have fallen victim to malware, need to recover deleted files or have experienced an entire crash of your hard drive.


Sigma Information Group’s Backup and Recovery Services allow you to:

  • Secure your valuable data before disaster strikes
  • Recover lost information from computers, external drives, phones and more
  • Replicate important data at a geographically dispersed location as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan
  • Protect mission-critical information stored on laptops, desktops and servers with the highest confidence levels
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